Wish To Shift To Freelance? Follow These Steps

Admin Jul 17, 2022

Shifting from a 9-5 job can be scary for a freelance professional, but it changes your life. Most employees are leaving their jobs and moving on to full-time freelance careers, particularly millennials. Most millennials view this shift to freelance lol, starting their own company, or expanding their business as the new trend. Following the traditional corporate structure is not the normal professional path. 

Based on recent reports, individuals wish to be their own boss and work on their terms. It's not a lie that employees expect more flexibility, work-life balance, and increased control over their work environment in today's digital times.

In case you wish to make the shift, you can follow these 7 steps that are easy to adopt while freelancing and making it a full-time job.

Conduct proper research for your niches and prospective clients:

The initial step is to begin your research before plunging into a freelancing career. First, estimate whether freelancing will be good for you or not. After that, you can check your skills and the market demand, as that's how you can fill in the gap.

Discover the proper platforms to get more clients and shift to freelance:

All freelance platforms provide a place for prospective customers. This is why you need to find the perfect platform to get clients. If you wish to get more earnings and begin with a freelance job, HikeCommerce is the perfect freelance website 

to get top clients worldwide with high-paying jobs. Then, you can build your profile by providing detailed information that your client might want.

Plan and Organize in the Right Way:

Planning is an essential part of a freelancing business. You must mention the services that you wish to offer. This would be the foundation of your company. Conduct research and try to understand the market demand understand the strategies that are to be implemented. You will have to work independently, so you must know how to take care of everything in your business. Starting from accounting, marketing, and sales to customer support. You must keep adopting new skills or brush up on the previous ones to upgrade yourself.

Learn to Budget Your Income & Save Taxes:

Budgeting is one of the hardest parts of a freelance job. First, you need to know what time and labor are worthwhile to finalize your fees. Next, understand how your experience, abilities, location, industry, value, and other factors influence the money you charge. There are 3 basic pricing types- hourly, based on the work done, and fixed rate.

Find Potential Clients With The Help Of Your Network:

You will know the importance of networking when you begin your freelance business. The people in your connections will be your most precious assets. They might search for the services you offer and connect you with experts who'll enjoy many benefits from your expertise.

Create your brand and promote yourself:

Other than freelance sites, you can easily optimize your social media websites to create your brand. It would be best to remain active on Linked In and Facebook groups, as most clients can be seen on social platforms. 

Based on your industry and work area, you can also construct your brand on Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms. With these platforms, you can communicate about your services and deliver high-class service to your clients.

Strengthen your relationship with your initial client:

Most experienced professionals can help you get more clients with mere word of mouth. However, for the best relationship, try to focus your proposal on your prospective client's needs and answer the questions confidently, as each client wishes to know why they must choose you over another freelancer. This is why you should have complete expertise.


Now that you know all the steps required to shift to freelance, you can easily think of becoming a business owner.

It might seem scary initially, but soon it becomes the best thing ever. You will find that you have total control over your work, schedule, and the customer you work with. Learn to think of yourself as a business owner rather than an employee. Browse through freelance websites like HikeCommerce to discover the best opportunities and freelancers.

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